Do You need to

send assets to talent?

send assets to influencers?

send assets to fans?

gather content from talent?

gather content from influencers?

gather content from fans?

send videos to talent?

send videos to influencers?

send videos to fans?

gather videos from talent?

gather videos from influencers?

gather videos from fans?

send photos to talent?

send photos to influencers?

send photos to fans?

gather photos from talent?

gather photos from influencers?

gather photos from fans?

How it works

Harness the relationship between your talent and their fans to amplify your message.

A Dedicated Talent App

Single destination to share requested content, upload original photo/video, access official assets and chat live.

An Easy-to-Use Admin Tool

Manage all aspects of the platform and your interaction with talent via a fast, secure and simple web-based app.

It's Time To Share

With a direct line to talent, you can push requests to share your assets on social media in seconds

  • Ensures your message is shared in the right way
  • Makes it easy for talent to share directly with their fans
  • Say goodbye to lengthy email trails and Dropbox links

Define and schedule share requests via admin

Talent sees request via push

Talent shares to social directly from app


Push make requests to app from admin

Talent creates content using phone

Content can be used for marketing

Let's Make This Happen

Ask your talent to create specific content from their phone and upload via the app

  • Collect high-value content for future marketing
  • Opens up lighter weight scenarios like BTS content
  • Make creating content with talent ROI positive

Take Back Control

The latest, official assets at your talent’s fingertips

  • Approved assets are available to share at any time
  • Intuitive navigation makes it easy to find assets
  • Gone are the days of talent posting out-of-date assets
  • Stream your current broadcast in-app for live events
Libraries Libraries

Own The Conversation

Integrated live chat lets you on-board, provide guidance and solve problems for talent with a human touch

  • Give talent the right support from the right people
  • Own and build relationships as an organization
  • Easy to communicate quickly and directly
27 June, 2017
Hi, is it too late to delete one of the pics I uploaded for smoothie day?
Sure I'll get Jane to do that for you
Hey! Thanks for downloading HailTo!
No problem, the app looks awesome ;)
27 June, 2017
Hi, is it too late to delete one of the pics I uploaded for smoothie day?
Sure I'll get Jane to do that for you

Content Management Service

Highly-experienced in creating content for US Television, our expert team can run or work with you on any facet of the HailTo service:


Strategy & Tactics


Content Ideas


Content Creation


Management & Execution

Through watching all episodes and engaging with your audience, we immerse ourselves fully in your show to provide an authentic engaging voice.


For more information, drop us your email address, phone number, or get in touch directly:

Thanks, we'll be in touch.

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